Easy Knowledge-Sharing for crossfunctional agile teams working in one or more regions. Use online or in your datacenter.


Create knowledge-communities

Knowledge-Sharing is a social activity. Build knowledge-communities and start capturing community-knowledge.


Part of your daily project routine

Share lessons-learned or blog-like entries such as How-To's, source-code-snippets, Best-Practices,project-news, instructions or tool-descriptions.


Capture and share lessons in seconds

Wisdomclouds is built around the idea of sharing small lessons very fast. Like this capturing and sharing knowledge stays out of the way of your daily business.


Stay up-to-date and never miss important lessons again

Can't find stuff anymore in your wiki or corporate knowledge-management-system ? Follow knowledge-sources and new lessons are automatically brought to you.


Download and install locally

Wisdomclouds can be downloaded and installed on your server. Installation is very easy. Try the online-version for free first, then take your data with you.


Follow Wisdomclouds or Members

Follow Wisdomclouds or Members


Categorize lessons by using hashtags within the text

Categorize lessons by using hashtags within the text

Short "Twitter-like" microlessons

Knowledge-units are short, no longer than 250 characters. They are easy to capture.

Formattable "Blog-like" entries

Need for more elaborated stories ? Catch up to 4K of text. Markdown-based format for beautified printing

Private Cloud

Capture lessons for yourself only. You can share them anytime later if you want to


Collect useful lessons of others with just one click

Tailored for agile teams

Default Clouds for retrospectives, projectnews, tools, coding and operations

Downloadversion for your local installation

Maximum team-size of


One-year licence 1200,- € + VAT (=10 €/user/month)

Use it online
Start now !

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Questions ?

If you have any questions related to wisdomclouds, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are glad to hear from you, solve your problems and listen to your feedback.

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